Meyer Industrie Electronic GmbH
Encoders, Safety Switches, Proximity Sensors,
Levelsensors, Flowsensors, Pressuresensors,
Relais, Identification Systems

Pressure Switches, Speedsensors, Safty
Switches, Discrepancy Switche, Overcurrent
Relays, Microswitches

AEG – Meyle
Pull Rope Emergency Switches, Rotary Speed
Monitors and Arc Detection Systems

Frequency Inverter, Servomotors, Gearboxes
and Gearmotors

Optoelectronics, Lights Curtains and Bar Code Systems

Safety Relays, Counters and Hourmeter

Automation, Instrumentation, Control,
Flow sensors, Level sensors and Circuit Breakers

Schneider Electric
Square D, Telemechanique, Merlin Gerin, Automation and Control, Electrical distribution

As the high and new tech enterprises of China, CZ Explosion-proof Electric
Appliances Co., Ltd

Datez Group
Is a global trading company that works in partnership with Meyle Automation Pakistan with a broad range of industrial and commercial customers to design and supply advanced technologies that optimize their operational performance and profitability.

FineTek group was established in 1979. Headquarters is located at Tucheng in Taiwan, and sets up several oversea subsidiaries to serve global customers around the world.