MEYLE AUTOMATION Pakistan is one of the best Engineering and Marketing team who can understand client requirement and execute with proper techniques. We have versatile Engineers in Electrical, Mechanical and Instrumentation who has very good hands on experience on industrial products. This profile is designed to provide a comprehensive and in-depth review of our Company, reflecting the pride we, as MEYLE across the globe, have in our continuing growth and current success. It conveys our sense of mission and vision – to become the preferred first.

You will discover our commitment to the global communities in which we operate; our work to protect and sustain the environment in which we all share; our technology and innovation to build a better future; Our focus then and now is to challenge the status quo; working proactively with our customers to find the best solutions and applications to assure ‘sustainable’ long term relationships..

To that end, we continue to invest in the most qualified, best in class talent to manage operations and delivery. Our team is backed by an international workforce and partners trained to best practice of industry. We are sure you are eager to begin your journey with us and indeed we have a lot to offer you!

Chief Executive Officer